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Glam Eyes

Join us for Glam Eyes and take your eye makeup artistry to new heights. Sign up today and learn how to create show-stopping looks that are perfect for any glamorous occasion!

Special Occasion Looks

Learn how to create eye-catching looks that are perfect for a night out, date night, or any special event. We'll teach you how to make your eyes pop and stand out, whether you're aiming for sultry and smoky or bold and bright.


Precision and Detail

Focus on the finer details of eye makeup application. Learn how to blend shadows seamlessly, apply false lashes, and use different brushes and tools to achieve professional-level results.


Personalized Instruction

Receive tailored advice and tips based on your unique eye shape and personal style. Our instructors will help you customize each look to enhance your natural beauty and suit your preferences.


Hands-On Practice

Gain hands-on experience with real-time feedback from our expert instructors. Practice makes perfect, and this class provides ample opportunity to refine your skills and perfect your technique. 

$200 -  1 Hour

Shop & Glam or Master Your Routine

are highly recommended before enrolling in our advanced classes.


These foundational courses ensure you have the necessary skills and product knowledge to excel in more specialized  makeup techniques.

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